Admiring the Seed

Sam looks at the Seed from the upstairs viewing window. Processed with onOne Perfect B&W, based on the Dramatic Light preset, but edited. I brought the brightness down so it was just burning out at the brightest point on the Seed, then used the toner settings to give a cold look to the dark parts, […]


One of the biomes at the Eden Project. Edited in onOne Perfect Effects to make the detail of the biome’s construction show up better – there’s a sharpening layer and a ‘black and white’ layer (applied at around 50%) masked to apply only to the biome, and a colour enhance layer applied only to the […]


My first day properly trying out my new (to me, it’s from the 1960s) Canon FL 58mm f/1.2 lens. I like it. Very much. A bench at the Eden Project. It’s my Dark Drama preset in onOne Perfect B&W, with a bit of selective colour painted back into the leaves in the top right.