Scripting Aperture to MarsEdit to PigPog

Posting photos to PigPog (a WordPress blog) has always been a bit of a pain. I’d made things as smooth as I could, but it was still a bit time-consuming. I was doing this: Take photos. Process photos in Aperture, usually in batches. Export photos to a ‘queue’ folder (sitting in Dropbox – doesn’t need […]

Pigging the Pog Again

It’s probably fairly obvious at this point, but we’re experimenting with the idea of actually posting stuff here on PigPog again. Most of what I post online is photography, and I’ve been enjoying using Flickr for that. The key thing for me is that I felt like the quick feedback from other photographers, including some […]


We’re experimenting with adding Flattr links to PigPog. I’m not sure if Flattr has taken off to enough of an extent to make any difference, but it’s always seemed like a good take on the micropayments idea to me, and these things can’t take off if people don’t try them out. It’s quite nicely unobtrusive, […]

A Glitch in the System

Sam and I have both started playing Glitch again. That means there may be no new content on PigPog again for another year or two.


Nibbling pigs is just too enjoyable.