Scripting Aperture to MarsEdit to PigPog

Posting photos to PigPog (a WordPress blog) has always been a bit of a pain. I’d made things as smooth as I could, but it was still a bit time-consuming. I was doing this: Take photos. Process photos in Aperture, usually in batches. Export photos to a ‘queue’ folder (sitting in Dropbox – doesn’t need […]

Pigging the Pog Again

It’s probably fairly obvious at this point, but we’re experimenting with the idea of actually posting stuff here on PigPog again. Most of what I post online is photography, and I’ve been enjoying using Flickr for that. The key thing for me is that I felt like the quick feedback from other photographers, including some […]


We’re experimenting with adding Flattr links to PigPog. I’m not sure if Flattr has taken off to enough of an extent to make any difference, but it’s always seemed like a good take on the micropayments idea to me, and these things can’t take off if people don’t try them out. It’s quite nicely unobtrusive, […]

A Glitch in the System

Sam and I have both started playing Glitch again. That means there may be no new content on PigPog again for another year or two.


Nibbling pigs is just too enjoyable.

Hiding an Ad that Broke Mobile Safari

The new PigPog design looks decent on desktops, and looked ok on mobiles, until I added the Google ad under the header. That made iPhones and iPod Touches squash the content into half the screen. Rather than work out why, I’ve just hidden the ad for those users using a CSS media query. All it needed was this, added to the child theme’s style.css file:

@media only screen and (max-device-width: 480px) {
  #header-ad {
    display: none;

(Well, that and wrapping the ad in a div with id=”header-ad”.)

This helped me.

About the tag cloud…

…ignore the biggest one. Really. Unless you want to read about how it all went well before it all went bad before it all started to going well again.

sigh Weight management is an annoying business. I wish I could ignore it but I can’t. Stay tuned for more blether about my latest attempts to get healthy.

Back to a Standard Theme

Recently, PigPog has been using a completely custom-written theme. It wasn’t too much work to write the basics, but I had lots of plans for updating it to include special handling of different post formats, and other things, so it would do a much better job of showing off photos, and could keep little updates (like this one) out of the way of ‘real’ blog posts and articles. None of the plans ever happened, because it was just more work than I ever wanted to spend the time on. So it just sat there, unused and barely loved.

Now, I’ve switched it all the way back to the default Twenty Eleven theme, with just a few relatively small tweaks to the CSS. And this time, I’ve made the small tweaks in the nice official way, by creating a child theme. That way, when the theme gets updated, I shouldn’t have to do any work.

So far, we’re both quite happy with it. It looks nice enough, and gives us support for some features that have been stopping us using this site. No idea if that means we’ll actually start posting here again, but it’s worth a try.

The Header Photos

When we switched PigPog over to using a slightly adjusted version of the default Twenty Eleven theme, we needed some photos to use for the header images, so it had a few to choose from when picking random photos. This is a gallery of all the photos we used, to keep them together so you can see the whole picture instead of just the narrow sections used in the header.