Cosplay – zen and the pursuit of the perfect beard

I’ve been playing dress-up for years. Since childhood I jumped at the chance to put on a costume and be someone else. It’s only in the last few years that I discovered the concept of cosplay. I met like-minded people who helped me realise that while it’s still perhaps quite unusual to some, it’s absolutely […]

How’s this for a boost?

So, things had slowed down on the slimming front. It was inevitable, really. A continuous run of a stone a month only happens to people when they’re sick or named Kevin (sorry, group in-joke there). On Katrina’s advice I became an interim target member a few weeks ago which really took the pressure off me […]


*Looks around* Cor. What pigpogm lacks in real world decorating skills he more than makes up for around these parts. I am loving this new layout, and it’s really nice to be back with WordPress. In making the decision as to where to take the site next, Michael contemplated many different options, but I’m glad […]