Thing A Day 19 – Info Board

Thing A Day 19 - SW Info Board

Decided to abandon my planned theme for the week and go back to a project I had started for Slimming World. This is an information board about Flexible Syns, and will hopefully be a useful little extra for us all to enjoy at group.

Thing A Day 17 – Oh, never mind…

I have made things today, and I had a lot of fun doing it. However, having failed to get a decent shot of the things I’ve made and at the same time realising how crappy they are, I think they’ll stay hidden for the time being. If I’m going to give you people a Fimo Space Hopper and a Fimo Bod, they should be good. These aren’t. But I had a larf doing it.

So, to compensate for the lack of anything decent from me for the second day of my retro week, please enjoy this little YouTube gem, featuring the yellow frocked b*stard himself:

Thing A Day 16 – Imaginary old ad

Thing A Day 16 - Imaginary old advert

Back in the day The Capstone was where all the swingers and hip cats hung out.

Meanwhile, in reality, Capstone Restaurant is in Ilfracombe and has this fab old sign which inspired me to knock this up for kicking off the third week of Thing A Day… Retro Week!

And, before the Pedant Alliance come after me with sticks I should point out that the Grocer’s Apostrophes are intentional.

Thing A Day 15 – Devon’s Coasts

We’ve lived here in Devon for over a year and I’m still bowled over by the beauty of the place. Moving from a fairly nondescript suburban housing development where the view was just more of the same houses to, well, this:

Bedroom: View from the Window

It’s incredible. I’ve spent a great deal of time staring at this view open-mouthed. I still can’t believe we live here.

The great thing about being here in Tiverton, not far from an attraction known as “Devonshire’s Centre”, is that we can travel to either of the coasts in the time it used to take us to get to work on a wet morning. And when the weather’s good and we have the time, we love to get out there and make the most of it. Here are some of my thoughts on our recent visits to just a few of Devon’s fabulous coastal spots.

The North Coast – Lynton and Lynmouth to Barnstaple

Valley of Rocks, Lynton

The north coast is rugged. Seriously rugged. It’s walking boots and things with “The North Face” stamped all over them, and Real Ale and an excuse to blow a fortune at Millets. As the sign welcoming you to the area will tell you, it’s where Exmoor meets the sea which it does so in an explosion of breathtaking scenery.

Lynton and Lynmouth are villages separated by a gorge. Normal people who visit Lynton at the right time of year would travel between the towns using the clifftop railway. But some people either aren’t that sensible or arrive out of season when the thing is out of commission and find themselves very delicately negotiating the route down on foot and, fuelled perhaps by fish and chips in Lynmouth, charging back up again but pausing every five minutes to beg for oxygen, sherpas and St Bernards bearing brandy.

Thing A Day 12 - Hele Bay

The rugged landscape continues along to the west of Lynton and emerges several gut-churning miles in Combe Martin. From there it’s just a few minutes along some more impressive scenery to Ilfracombe, one of the larger coastal towns in North Devon. I haven’t really got much to say about Ilfracombe, as it seemed the entire town was closed. Maybe another visit between April and September will see it with more life.

Thing A Day 14 - Barnstaple

There was certainly no shortage of life in Barnstaple, the next town along, when we visited yesterday. Barnstaple is the shopping destination for North Devon holidaymakers and Michael’s parents certainly seemed to enjoy wandering around its variety of shops with us despite the bitter cold wind.

The South Coast – Exmouth and Sidmouth

Thing A Day 13 (bonus) - Exmouth

The south coast is altogether more tranquil than the rugged North. Although there is no shortage of hills and beautiful scenery anywhere in Devon, the towns along the south coast suggest a more relaxed pace. It’s cream teas and craft fairs and sitting on a bench by the sea and watching the world go by. Exmouth is our most frequent destination along the south coast as it’s only about 20 minutes from Exeter. In comparison to the towns on the north coast, Exmouth was positively buzzing with activity when we visited last Sunday – a car boot sale at the Hall and an Antiques Fair at the Pavilion. A perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Thing A Day 13 - Sidmouth

Sidmouth is utterly gorgeous in just about every way. It’s the ultimate Devon seaside town. Streets of interesting little shops, cafes and hotels, a sandy beach, and as a backdrop, the magnificent Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site. You can be admiring little seaside souvenirs in the shops, and then just up the road be admiring imposing red cliffs and preparing yourself to tackle Jacob’s Ladder.

There is so much of both coasts that we haven’t explored yet – out further west to the north are Croyde, Westward Ho! and Clovelly; and to south further west are Dartmouth, Salcombe, Plymouth and going on into our neighbouring county that we’re really looking forward to exploring at some point – Cornwall.

We we are very lucky to be living in such wonderful surroundings.