Two Years as a Randall

Just a quickie before I fly off to work, but today is our second wedding anniversary. Two years of saying “No, it’s spelled R-A-N-D-A-L-L”.


Many things have changed in the last two years. We moved to another part of the country, and parts of me are gradually disappearing…


But one thing will never change. The glorious, fun, life-affirming, daft and loving relationship I have with my husband.


Happy anniversary, hubster. I love you.

Just Married!

Update by pigpogm: Some of the links in here – probably most of them, really – won’t work.  We’ve moved systems, and there’s a limit to how many posts we could set up redirects for.  There’s a search function that might help you find them, but they may not be all that interesting 😉

The Honeymoon

Michael’s Blog Post

All about the Buxton trip. Including the trip to Somerfield to buy cat food and fly spray. Admit it, you envy us and our rock n’ roll lifestyle.

Sam’s Flickr Set

Starring a chilled out swan and a sexy leather-clad hubby.

Michael’s Flickr Set

Starring Paddington Bear, ironic litter and a funny looking bird (no, not me).

The Wedding

Wedding Pictures

Contains snogging, sobbing and The Plastic The Lovely Mr Hudson.

Sam’s Wedding Updates

Sam’s weekly blog posts from the date of the proposal to the week before the wedding.

The Proposal

In which Michael pours out his heart about the great things in our relationship, including yawning and dog poo. And I react by revealing rather embarrassing details about what I thought he was going to do for our anniversary. Hehe.

#1 – Setting the Date

The news is gradually sinking in now, although it still seems a bit bizarre. I was keen to get things moving before Michael had a chance to change his mind ;). So I got in touch with our local registry office, which is in West Bridgford, near where I used to work at County Hall. I didn’t know what to say – “Er, yeah… we’re getting married. What do we have to do?”.

#2 – Chips, Celery and Realising we’re a pair of old farts

Our first full week as an Engaged Couple With A Wedding To Plan kicked off with discussions on where best to hold post-ceremony celebrations. We thought about pubs and restaurants near the Registry Office, but didn’t find anything that appealed to either of us. Jokingly, I said, “How about Harry Ramsdens?”. For those who don’t know, Harry Ramsdens is a chain of fish & chips restaurants, offering the sort of food you normally get served in paper with little wooden forks, but in really nice surroundings and just about the best tea there is other than the magical brew Michael makes for me every morning. The more we thought about it, the more we realised it was a really good idea, and went off for lunch there just to check ;). Our ‘Celebration Lunch’ was booked a couple of days later.

#3 – Wedding Rooms, Blooms and Derbyshire Honeymoons

On Friday we visited West Bridgford Registry Office to give notice of our wedding. Had to wade through a little red tape, but nothing complicated. Once the formalities were out of the way, and we’d handed over our money, we were shown the room where the ceremony will take place. I was impressed. I didn’t know anything about how a civil ceremony works, but I had the feeling it would be a fairly nondescript occasion – “Do you? Do you? Sign here.” – that sort of thing.

#4 – Funds N’ Roses

I used to find it hard to believe that the average wedding could cost around £10,000 (approx $20,000), but once I got to browsing sites like Confetti I soon found out how easy it is for a bride and her money to be easily parted. Trying to watch the pennies while enjoying the wedding preparations have been bringing me down a bit, but I’m trying to look on it as another excuse to get creative.

#5 – Time to share some links

I think I’m going to write to Tesco, see if they fancy diversifying their most popular product line. I could become a consultant for “Tesco Value Bridal”.

#6 – The Crazy World of Cosmo Bride and other rantings

I bought a wedding magazine last week. Every bride to be has to buy at least one on the run up to her wedding, it’s the law. It’s not something I’d recommend any bride to be to do until they a) have got someone very wealthy funding their wedding or b) are prepared to take the whole thing with a pinch of salt and realise that the only thing necessary for the perfect wedding is the person you’re marrying. Since I’m nestling comfortably in column B, I figured it was time to dive in to Cosmo Bride and find out what Every Bride Should Have For Her Special Day (never mind the groom, he can just turn up and do as he’s told).

#7 – All Things Bride and Beautiful : More from the Crazy World of Cosmo Bride

What they mean by this, but they daren’t say it because in the Crazy World of Cosmo Bride it isn’t even an issue, is “Girl, do something about the beard”. Unfortunately it’s something that many of us have to deal with, and, unfortunately, it’s in my genes. So I’ve tried plucking, creams, *sanding, but the only thing that works is waxing. But, of course, the Cosmo Bride has not one imperfection nor beardy growth, so she’s just told to exfoliate regularly and slap on the sunscreen.*

[image:1540 size=original] Hairyness is in my DNA – as demonstrated here by my Aunty Doris

#8 – The Big Cake-Off (and The Groom does a Limecat)


*As if I’d make him stand up in front of his parents, my mum, and our friends wearing a top hat, a long black curly wig and tight, black, leather trousers that are laced down the sides and at the fly. I mean, come on. Tight, black leather trousers would just look so silly, he’d be uncomfortable wearing trousers so tight, so shiny, so…


…sorry. Got lost for a minute there.*

#9 – A General Round Up

Yoo-hoo! Guests! If you’re reading this and you still haven’t got back to me about what you want from the menu, please get back to me ASAP. Otherwise you’ll be getting fish and chips and will be fed so full of mushy peas you’ll be rocket powered for about a week afterwards. Woof.

10 – The Pressure is getting to the Bride. Please buy her a nice gift.

This week has mostly been spent in a state of anxiety. Y’see, time’s getting closer and the nearer it gets the more I panic about the person in the Wedding Party who will want the big day to be perfect, full of smiles, more exciting and special than she could ever imagine, and be left with lots of wonderful memories and pictures in which she looked more beautiful than she has ever done, ever. I can’t do anything to appease this bloody woman. Her demands are getting on my nerves, and if I could cross her name off the list, I would.

#11 – Squeeeee!

Egads! The man has so much hubba it’s as though he’s Slash and Kirk Hammett rolled into one (if Homer Simpson can be “Rex Harrison and Paul Anka rolled into one”, then my man can be Slash and Kirk Hammett rolled into one!). The jacket is now hanging up in the bedroom, and the whole room smells of leather. Dee-licious! I like leather!

#12 – Confessions of a Bachelorette

Hoo boy. I had my hen day and Bachelorette party night yesterday, and it was, all things considered ((c) S Hudson), a hoot.

#13 – Our Wedding’s Gonna Rawk! \m/

It’s one of the nicest pieces of music I have ever heard, and it was made for us, for our wedding day. I feel so honoured that we have this tune to mark the day. After the wedding we’ll try to upload “The Butterfly Meditations” for you all to download and enjoy.


I’ve been engaged for nearly 24 hours, and I’m still utterly gibber, so bear with me. My post might not make a lot of sense but I don’t really care!

I’m looking down at my dumpy lil’ fingers, particularly the one with the diamonds on it. I can’t believe how lucky I am. Not only is he a gorgeous, supporting, loving partner, he’s taught me so much about life, nature, technology… he’s brought so much into my life that I would have otherwise missed out on, and I’m so grateful to him for that. I think he might regret getting me into Metallica and Guns N’ Roses, but there we go. Actually, a girl I once worked with told me how much she liked Robbie Williams, but wasn’t allowed to listen to his music, or look at pictures, or watch him on TV because her husband got jealous. Michael, however, not only tolerates stuff like this but for our anniversary he did try to learn the opening riff of Sweet Child O’Mine – which isn’t easy (I know, I’ve tried myself).

I’m so fortunate to have Michael in my life. I can’t wait to become Mrs Randall.

So, time to plan a wedding! We’re going for a basic registry office ceremony, inviting close relatives and a few friends. It’s booked for Monday, 24th April at 11.30. Why 11.30? Well…

…We were on our first date. Walking through Nottingham on our way to Rock City, I pondered how best to go about pouncing on this fine young man. I decided to bide my time, and, looking at my watch, decided that if nothing had happened by 11.30, I would make something happen. At 11.30 we’d spent the entire evening so far talking and laughing and generally getting to know each other. I huddled up close to him, leaned over and gave him a big long tonguetastic snog, which made him completely forget what he was talking about.

11.30’s been a special time ever since, so it seemed only right to have our wedding then.

I guess it’s time to browse the craft sites for invitation HOWTOs and flower arranging tips.

Signing off for now, Bride-to-be, Sam

Our Tenth Anniversary

Latest Update: The date is set – see the bottom of the post 😀

(It’s no good – I can’t wait until tomorrow to post this – our anniversary is actually on the 13th…)

Personal stuff ahead, and it’s all mushy – you might want to skip this one if you don’t like that sort of thing.

In case you’re not aware of it already, PigPog consists of two people – I’m Michael, and my partner is Sam. Today is our anniversary – she’s been with me for ten years, and it seems like a good time to explain just why I love her so much, and why she’s so important to me.


I once said that our relationship was more like Bill and Ted than a ‘normal’ couple – we’re best friends before anything else. We get on well together. So well, that in ten years, we’ve never really had an argument. Can you believe that? Two people who get on so well that they could be together for ten years, and never really argue? Well, it’s true. We just love to spend all of our time together, at home, out and about, anywhere. We’ve never run out of things to talk about, things to laugh about.


We’re silly, and it’s a pretty good way to be. We can spend hours just being silly and having fun together, even with nothing much to entertain us. Sam has a wonderful sense of humour – full of strangeness. There’s things we find joy in that nobody else would, and that’s a great thing to share. The delight of seeing someone yawning whilst driving in the other direction to us. The joy of seeing a dog having a poo in the morning.


Sam has always been supportive to me. She’s helped me out in any way she can for as long as I’ve known her. When my work got tough, she supported me through it. When I crashed our car, and it was written off, she helped me to get everything sorted out. When my work became too much for me to deal with, she encouraged me to quit and look elsewhere for happiness. She even wrote my resignation letter for me. I think if I’d hesitated much longer, she’d have caught the bus there and delivered it for me, and that would have been unpleasant for all concerned.

Now, she goes out to work to bring in money, so I don’t have to. I don’t go to work any more – I just stay at home and work on PigPog, and whatever else I want to do. We don’t really know how long we’ll be able to manage to keep this going financially before the money runs too low, but could anyone give a better gift than not having to go out to work?

When we were both working, we made a reasonable amount of money. I usually wanted to spend it on new gadgets and toys. Not only did Sam never stop me or complain, but when I had trouble finding somewhere that stocked the VGA iPaq I wanted, she rang around shops until she tracked one down, and ordered it for me.


PigPog is all about creativity, but long before it was, Sam was. Her creativity inspired me as much as anything else to relaunch the site as it is now. She plays and enjoys playing more than almost anyone I’ve met.

So Why…?

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking – if all this is true and she’s so damn great, why haven’t you married her yet? I think Mil Millington explains it pretty well…

>What is it with you Americans and marriage? You seem to have some kind of confusion that makes a ritual inseparable from the thing it announces. I’m sorry to be the one to break this to you, but if you don’t have a funeral, you’re still dead, OK? No, we’re never going to get married. And we’ve spent the money it would have cost us on a loft conversion.

It’s not that we don’t want to be attached, it’s just that we’re happy to be together without any legal or religious matters getting involved.

We like to stay together because we choose to be together, not because a divorce would be too much like hard work.

We kind of like things the way they are.

Oh, never mind.

If you’re still reading at this point, you probably are Sam. (And if Sam got bored and stopped reading a couple of paragraphs ago, I guess I really blew it.)

And this may be my one and only chance to be as geeky as CmdrTaco.




I love you.

Will you marry me?

(Oh and if she says ‘yes’, does anyone know a good howto for making a ring? We need to do this thing creatively)

Update: See the comments – she said yes! W00t. So, we had to go shopping today. Turned out she didn’t want something made from soldered guitar strings. I guess I have a lot to learn…


Update 2: She doesn’t hang around. The wedding is now booked – Monday April 24th, at 11:30.