WordPress Images Linking to Posts

I wanted thumbnails in the ephemera sidebar, to link to the posts. This post helped a lot with getting the thumbnail-sized image. Plenty of other sources could give me the URL for the big image, or the thumbnail for the Featured Image, but those weren’t what I wanted.

WordPress for iOS

WordPress for iOS has been updated, and now supports post types. Just trying it out. If it works, this should be just a sidebar post on the mail page.

Back to a Standard Theme

Recently, PigPog has been using a completely custom-written theme. It wasn’t too much work to write the basics, but I had lots of plans for updating it to include special handling of different post formats, and other things, so it would do a much better job of showing off photos, and could keep little updates (like this one) out of the way of ‘real’ blog posts and articles. None of the plans ever happened, because it was just more work than I ever wanted to spend the time on. So it just sat there, unused and barely loved.

Now, I’ve switched it all the way back to the default Twenty Eleven theme, with just a few relatively small tweaks to the CSS. And this time, I’ve made the small tweaks in the nice official way, by creating a child theme. That way, when the theme gets updated, I shouldn’t have to do any work.

So far, we’re both quite happy with it. It looks nice enough, and gives us support for some features that have been stopping us using this site. No idea if that means we’ll actually start posting here again, but it’s worth a try.

Front Page Image

One of the things we wanted with the current redesign was to have a simpler homepage – less busy, without the mass of posts and links. We also wanted to get a decent sized photo up there as soon as people arrive. I was inspired somewhat by Inspiredology’s post on sites with large photo backgrounds. […]

Redesigning for Performance

PigPog hasn’t performed well for a long time. Pages have been taking a long time to generate, and a long time to download and display. I’ve designed a new theme today, keeping it very simple. The result is that pages take around a fifth as many database queries to generate, and are created in a […]

Little Fixes

I’ve fixed a few little things here today. Paging through archives wasn’t working, so I’ve fixed that. I’ve also added dates and authors to these little oinks when they’re in the sidebar. It didn’t make much sense that you’d have to click through to the entry’s permanent page to see who wrote it.

Working Tabs

I had a bit of time at home today, while Sam was out at work, so I continued poking our custom theme. I managed to get the tabs working on the right, so there are five ‘pages’ of content always available. All but the ‘Oinks’ tab are WordPress ‘sidebars’, so they can contain widgets – […]

Some Fixes

I’ve got the comments displaying again here. That turned out to be the ‘Comment Mover’ plugin – I’ve disabled it for now. I seem to have got jQuery working, and got some javaScript being called when the tabs in the sidebar are clicked – they don’t do anything yet, but I’m getting there. That’ll do […]

New Theme (again) for PigPog

I’ve been playing with a custom theme for PigPog, which moves our ‘Oinks’ (little posts with no real thought behind them) into a sidebar (here, all being well!). It seems to be working ok, so I’ve just activated it for the live site. It’s not as pretty as it could be yet, even allowing for […]

WordPress Upgraded to 2.7

All seems to have gone smoothly again. I used WPAU to do the upgrade automatically, which worked fine. The new admin interface looks nice, and I’m posting this through the new ‘QuickPress’ feature – a posting form on the Dashboard page. Cute.