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  • Buying a Mechanical Keyboard
    Buying a loud clicky mechanical keyboard to use with an iPad.
  • He Sounded Like He Had a Beard
    Where a customer wants to speak to someone who sounds like they have a beard.
  • I Don’t Do People
    How I went from “I Don’t Do People” to photographing models.
  • Upgrading to an iPad Pro
    This was originally written around a year ago, not long after getting the iPad Pro, but I never got around to posting it. I’ll leave my thoughts from then as they were, and add my updated thoughts at the bottom. At risk of spoilering my own post, I love this iPad. A year ago, I […]
  • Moving to WordPress.com and Office 365
    How we moved from a dedicated server to letting WordPress.com handle it all for us.

About Me

I’m Michael. Hi. I’m an amateur photographer, in Tiverton, Devon, UK. Until relatively recently, I took a lot of photos, but rarely of people.

Now, I mainly do photoshoots with models.