A Walk by the Canal with the Sony SEL35f18

If you’re seeing this when I’m posting it, in 2020, it’s pretty old now, featuring an old camera. I still rather like the tones in these shots, though, so I thought it was worth bring it over to the new site.

Quite a lot of the money I got by trading in my old Nikon equipment at Wex, I spent on a new lens – the Sony SEL35f18 – a 35mm f/1.8 e-mount lens for the NEX, with OSS (Sony’s optical stabilising, like Nikon VR or Canon’s IS). It’s a nice little lens, and the 35mm focal length seems to suit me well for many things.

We took a walk down to the canal, as its first outing other than a few test shots. It was the first day of the season for the Duck’s Ditty cafe bar, and the Canal Tea Gardens.

Most of these images were shot with Sony’s Rich Tone Mono setting, then warmed up in Aperture, with a small amount of sepia, and a bit of vignette and definition. I saved it as a preset, then applied it to a few of the images, and I quite like the style.

The tea gardens give us tiny little salt and pepper shakers with our food – too cute to not shoot.

A shiny metal teapot.

I pulled some of the pics I’d taken over to my iPhone here using the NEX’s WiFi, and posted a couple to Instagram. Then I photographed my Instagram, and posted that to Instagram too, Instagramming the Instagram. The Internet didn’t implode, which was good.

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