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After a lot of researching the best way to make the site fall back neatly if the user doesn’t have Flash installed, i finally hit on the idea of getting rid of Flash entirely. There doesn’t seem to be a really good way of displaying Flash if the player is installed, but displaying something else if it’s not, and i’ve seen a couple of neat effects done recently with just animated GIFs (the rotating gear at the top of PocketGear, especially).

After several hours of work, i’ve finally come up with the nav bar you see now, just under the banner. Unless i’ve already replaced it. Because, unfortunately, we both hate it.

Depressing, isn’t it?

It’s not as bad as it sounds, really. The code all seems to work nicely now. If you don’t have JavaScript, you’ll just get a reasonable static navigation bar. If you do, you’ll have some rollover piccies, and such like. So, all we need to do to modify it and make it look good is to change the little gif files it’s chucking about. With animated gifs, we should be able to do pretty much everything the old flash bar did, but smaller, and with better compatibility.

In case it happens to help anyone in future, btw, the reason that IE was complaining, and displaying the images in the wrong places, whilst Mozilla Firebird was fine with it, was that i’d used numbers for the img name tags. You can’t.

Have fun.

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