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We visited Sam’s mum on Saturday. Installed Mozilla Firebird on her little laptop, since IE had started playing up. Anyway, the interesting bit happened on the way home. We were returning through Nottingham, and as we approached Trent Bridge, noticed a man wearing a t-shirt, an apron, and shoes. No, no mention of trousers there, was there? Just a bare bottom. He was on the pavement, walking in the same direction as we were driving, on our side of the road, so we could see quite clearly his lack of trousers.

It got all the more disturbing as we pulled up alongside him in the slow moving traffic. He stopped to tie his shoelace. By putting his foot on a windowsill. At almost waist height. I looked to the side, and got an eyefull of all his dangling parts from behind.


As we continued on our way, a man overtook us, running very quickly, dressed in a nurse’s outfit. Which was odd. Even for Nottingham. Especially since it was only mid afternoon. As we pulled around the corner onto Radcliffe Road, Sam looked to the side, and saw the same man in his nurse’s outfit, with his skirt pulled up to his chest, vigorously scratching himself, with all his assorted parts on full jiggling display.

I’m afraid i didn’t take any pictures, so you’ll just have to take my word for it that this happened :