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Old entry from 2003-02-22…

I had a rather splendid dream last night. Sam and i were visiting the RSPCA, and they had a bit of a problem. They had some frogs there. No-one wants frogs, so they were having them put down. The problem was that they had no-one able to take the frogs to the frog-putting-down-centre. Or wherever they do that. (Perhaps just send them to Hale and Pace’s place with a cricket bat?) Anyway, they wanted us to take them, but the place wasn’t open until the next day, so they wanted us to take the frogs home, and look after them overnight. This, i realised, was a cunning plan. Take ’em home for a night, and see if you can take ’em for killing after that. Still, we got talked into it, so we took them home. The strange part is, though, that these were strange sort of cat-frogs. They were furry, just like Lucy, and had faces just like Lucy, but they were frog-shaped. They were cat-sized, cat-furred, and cat-faced frogs. Very, very cute. So we got them home, and discovered the real problem. They were cat-frogs. They could leap like frogs, bundled with the size and, well, curiosity of cats. The buggers jumped about everywhere. Just as we were concluding that we just couldn’t possibly keep them, one bounced over next to me, and nuzzled me in a friendly way, and we realised there was no way we could take them to be put down. We had just adopted two pet cat-frogs.

Maybe that bump on the head (when I crashed my car) did do some damage.

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