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Old entry from 2003-01-10…

At home, because i’m on late shift – start work at 14:30 today. Finish at 22:00. Fun. Anyway, after taking Sam in to work, i stopped off at Safeway. We needed bread. When i got to the checkout, the guy in front of my was in the process of purchasing six cabbages, and 24 each of two different types of Cornish pasties. (Note for anyone in a country that lacks such items – a Cornish pasty is a pastry filled with a mix of meat, potato and vegetables. They’re quite nice, really.) The amazing part was that the girl working on the checkout managed to keep a straight face, and didn’t ask him about his dietary habits. I was impressed. Once he’d gone, i said to her “I thought i liked pasties, but he had real commitment.” She said that she assumed he was buying them for his business, whatever that may be. I said that much as you’d like to think that, i really preferred to think that he just really liked pasties. I prefer to think that when he got home, he was going to close the curtains, and watch bad science fiction films for 18 hours straight, whilst stuffing himself with pasties until he throws up. Then, for the rest of the week, eat nothing but cabbage soup.

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