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Old entry from 2003-02-22…

Well, yesterday was a fun day. Did you catch the sarcasm there? Did you? Gooood. Glad you spotted that. Go on, sit through the boring texty bit first, there’s pictures coming up… Instead of my usual day at work, i was out at a customer’s site, doing some installation work. Things, unfortunately, went quite badly, though progress was made, and we have some idea of how to make everything work now, so it wasn’t a completely wasted trip. I got to drive under the humber bridge too, which is a pretty stunning sight from on top, but even more impressive from underneath. I didn’t get any pictures, though, i’m afraid. I had intended to try grabbing a few on the way back, but with all the problems, i didn’t leave site until after six, and it was dark and misty. Almost home, though, things got notably worse. I always hate driving in the dark, and now i hate it even more. I got dazzled by the lights of a car coming the other direction, and when i could see again, i was already halfway over the white line. I tried to pull back a bit too quickly, skidded, and lost control. The car spun, bounced off the road, and stopped by slamming fairly firmly into a car waiting to pull out of a junction on the left. Fortunately, no-one was really hurt, though i did smack my head quite hard on the driver’s door window. Both my car and the other car suffered badly dented wheel arches, but were just about drivable for purposes of getting home. The most worrying part is that when i called my insurance company Churchill, they couldn’t approve my claim immediately, because i’d failed to inform them that i’d changed the registration when i got the personalised plate (P16 POG). Fortunately, they called up nice and early this morning to say that there was no problem, and they’d get everything sorted out straight away. Quite a relief, and good of them to call quickly. Anyway, you’re not interested in that, are you? You just want to see what i did to poor Barry (yes, the car is called Barry).

Here goes…

(Sorry, pictures lost whilst migrating software.)

So. That’s the damage. Two battered cars, a bruised head, and a pretty big chunk of inconvenience. Plus i won’t get any no-claims back next year, so my insurance will stay more expensive for years to come. On the whole, i really don’t recommend crashing into other vehicles. Still, it’s better than crashing into other people – this way, all involved still have lives to be inconvenienced in.

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