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Old entry from 2002-11-13…

The cat shat on the mat.

…and on the bed. And on the carpet. And in a cardboard box. And on the other bed. And on the kitchen floor. And under the workbench in the office. Pretty much everywhere. The funny thing is – when you have a cat with the shits running around the house, leaving a trail of stinking liquid shite everywhere – when it’s your bed dribbled with stink-toffee… …it’s really not all that funny. I know. It is funny. It’s fucking funny. Yet somehow – i didn’t laugh. Even when touring the house armed with a 4D Mag-lite, a roll of Bounty, and a cheap copy of Febreze. Maybe i’m losing my sense of humor.

Addition… She’s done it all over again. At 04:00. And it still wasn’t funny.

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