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For anyone who’s using our Pock3t B3ta (I think there must be a few, judging by the logs), i’ve made one or two improvements. I’ve taken out the full ‘board’, unless you follow an extra link. This takes the size of the full thing down from over 1.5Mb to less than 512k (though it’s fairly variable). Should make it a bit more usable.

Sorry for the sudden barrage of blogs – just got a few things i’ve been working on, or been meaning to blog for a while. At some point, i’ll start posting some of the old blog entries from before we switched to Blogger, too.

Update 2005-10-30: Pocket B3ta doesn’t really exist any more. The files are still there, so if you’re already using it, it will probably keep working, but it’s not being worked on any more, and I don’t use it myself, so I’ve no idea if it actually still works.

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