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I now have a Palm Tungsten T3. It’s a slightly early birthday present from my parents, who we visited this week (enjoyable trip – watch for new photos from Hamsterley Forest soon). I’ve had a Tungsten T for around six months now, and it’s been great – a very nice machine to use. Fast, nice screen, and hardwearing. I’ve been reading all the rumours for some time about the coming of the T3, and they seem to have turned out to be pretty much spot on.

So what’s different from the T? Well, the most obvious difference is the screen, as every review i’ve read has said. It’s bigger (320×480 resolution – enough to upset WinCE / Pocket PC / Windows Mobile owners), brighter, and clearer. At least one review i’d read disliked the slider, as it hides part of the screen, and they wanted the full screen there all the time – that doesn’t bother me at all – i find myself often using closed, for speed, then popping it open as i access something that’s a bit too big for the closed screen size. The slider means that a machine small enough to fit neatly in your pocket pulls open to a machine that’s just a bit more comfortable to hold, with enough room for that big screen and the pleasantly large five-way navigator. Some reviewers didn’t like the new shaped five-way navigator, but i’ve found it good – no better, but no worse in use, and it looks a bit more stylish.

Having the apps (VersaMail, Documents to Go, etc) in ROM was a great idea for saving space, but is probably less useful than you’d imagine – there’s plenty of RAM now, and there’s already been an updated version of Docs to Go, so if you want the newest version, you have to clog up your RAM anyway.

The updates to the built-in apps are nice. The addition of categories with colour coded blobs to the calendar has taken away the main reason I was using Pimlico’s Datebk5. Datebk5 still adds lots of extra features, but i try to do without additional software wherever i can.

The only problem i’m left with is that i can’t get VersaMail to sync properly with Outlook – it’ll mirror several folders from Outlook quite nicely on the handheld, but if i delete messages on the handheld, they just come back when i sync instead of deleting from Outlook. If i move a message from one folder to another on the Palm, it stays there, but in Outlook it stays where it was, so the folders are no longer mirrored. It’s kind of annoying, but i can probably live with it if i can’t fix it.

On the whole, i’m very happy with the upgrade.

The old Tungsten T? Sam‘s enjoying that 😉

Update 2005-10-30: It broke, got sent away for repair, took months to get it replaced, then the replacement finally broke with the same fault – digitizer getting the pen position wrong at the bottom of the screen. Apart from that, though, it’s still working ok. Well, there’s a couple of screws missing, so we really should use some gaffa tape to stick it together properly, but why bother until it actually drops apart?

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