There was a young man from Japan, Whose limericks never did scan. When people said so, He replied “Yes, i know, because i always try to fit as many words and phrases into the last line as i possibly can.”

PigPog Articles

We’ve not written any new articles for a long, long time. I noticed the other day that a lot of them are a bit broken, anyway – they’ve lost all their formatting. Since we’ve not done anything with them for so long, we’ve decided to archive them off. They still exist, but they’re hiding under Features now, where they can stop trying to look like a significant part of the site.

The further adventures of Bluetooth

(Following on from my previous mindless witterings about our new mobiles and Bluetooth.)

To go a step further with this whole Bluetooth thing, i bought a Belkin Bluetooth USB Adapter. Setting it all up wasn’t quite as easy as linking the mobiles to the Palms, but not too tricky either. There’s a few fairly detailed explanations out there on setting up the Palm side of things, but quite a bit of it turned out to be unnecessary with PalmOS 5 on the Tungsten. The only problem is that it won’t all coexist nicely with Windows XP’s Internet Connection Sharing. You can share the dial up connection out to your LAN, or out to your Bluetooth LAN, but not to both at once. Palm VNC works reasonably well for remote controlling the PC, but does tend to crash a bit too often. Hotsyncing over Bluetooth seems to work pretty nicely, so long as the connection is good. I can also keep my Outlook Contacts sync’d with my phone, so all the numbers are automatically available. Add a number into my Palm, and it’ll make it’s way into the phone soon enough.

New Mobile Phones

We’ve been pondering new mobiles for a while. We’ve both had Nokia 5210s for over a year now, and Sam‘s not enjoyed the experience. She likes her phones a bit bigger. I’ve quite liked it, but after having a Palm Tungsten T for quite a while, and now a Tungsten T3, the idea of bluetooth has a strong appeal.

Orange’s web site has been very variable. Sometimes nothing’s in stock. Sometimes there’s a choice of two phones with bluetooth for free. Sometimes, the same phones are there, but they want lots of money for them. £100 for a phone that was free the day before. That sort of variable. So we’ve been keeping an eye on it. They finally got the choice of the two phones we’d been looking at in stock, and both for free – the Nokia 6310i, and the Sony Ericsson 610