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(Following on from my previous mindless witterings about our new mobiles and Bluetooth.)

To go a step further with this whole Bluetooth thing, i bought a Belkin Bluetooth USB Adapter. Setting it all up wasn’t quite as easy as linking the mobiles to the Palms, but not too tricky either. There’s a few fairly detailed explanations out there on setting up the Palm side of things, but quite a bit of it turned out to be unnecessary with PalmOS 5 on the Tungsten. The only problem is that it won’t all coexist nicely with Windows XP’s Internet Connection Sharing. You can share the dial up connection out to your LAN, or out to your Bluetooth LAN, but not to both at once. Palm VNC works reasonably well for remote controlling the PC, but does tend to crash a bit too often. Hotsyncing over Bluetooth seems to work pretty nicely, so long as the connection is good. I can also keep my Outlook Contacts sync’d with my phone, so all the numbers are automatically available. Add a number into my Palm, and it’ll make it’s way into the phone soon enough.

We also bought Nokia Bluetooth headsets for the phones. They’re pretty good, but with a few problems. If you leave them switched on, they’re too easy to accidentally dial with in your pocket, and they seem to block the Palm from using the phone (presumably can only cope with one Bluetooth connection at once). If they’re kept switched off, they take a bit too long to get switched on and connected to answer a call. With so little feedback, they’re a bit tricky to operate too – do you need a short press or a long press to answer a call, etc? And there’s no way to tell how much battery power they have left until they run out. If the tiny power button was just replaced with a small switch, they’re be a lot easier to work with – you’d be able to tell if they were on or off, and turning them on would be much easier. It’s not bad, but it’s a bit more fiddly than it should be, really. Still, it’s a small price to pay for the ability to walk around with only a seven centimetre long tag stuck to your ear to signify that you’re on the phone, not just some raving lunatic wandering the streets looking for someone who’ll listen to you about the truth behind snooker.

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