Earlier this week, my boss placed an order at Cybercandy. It arrived today. Be warned. Apple Warheads are sour. More sour than Shige SuperKix. Both, are, however, highly recommended. So far there’s been nothing but failures in convincing anyone to eat roasted worms in chocolate.

Judgement on the XTZ Mints will have to be reserved until they’ve had time to kick in, but the ingredients list reads like the contents of a herbalist’s vacuum cleaner bag.

Next time you’re feeling adventurous, it’s a fascinating place to shop.


New Articles Section

Well, we have a new articles section here on PigPog. Well, i say have – we don’t quite have it yet. But it’s getting there. It’s all done with a PHP page that gets it’s info from a whole pile of text files, much like a lot of PigPog. The files all have dates, authors, sections, and titles encoded into the filename, though, so the PHP page can build various different views from the same data.

Because it knows who wrote the article, and what date, it can make it look like a blog – showing just my entries, or just Sam’s entries, ordered by date. Because it knows what section they go in, though, it can break everything down into sections and subsections neatly too, making a more flexible system than the old alphabetical articles list we had before. It should be fairly easy to make it pick out the newest entries to put on the front page, too.