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Earlier this week, my boss placed an order at Cybercandy. It arrived today. Be warned. Apple Warheads are sour. More sour than Shige SuperKix. Both, are, however, highly recommended. So far there’s been nothing but failures in convincing anyone to eat roasted worms in chocolate.

Judgement on the XTZ Mints will have to be reserved until they’ve had time to kick in, but the ingredients list reads like the contents of a herbalist’s vacuum cleaner bag.

Next time you’re feeling adventurous, it’s a fascinating place to shop.


It had to happen. I’ve just eaten a chocolate covered worm. Hmmm. It was an experience. Kind of tasted of roast worm, really. With a bit of chocolate. Lightly crunchy, a bit like wafer. With the strange, lingering, sick feeling of knowing what you’re chewing on. Interesting.

Update 2

I got tempted, and had to place an order myself. Getting more Warheads was a good idea. The Mega Double Date Dip and Lick Bubble Gum Filled Hot Chili Pop sherbert dip lolly was an interesting thing to challenge people to. So far, no-one has dared try one. Getting a bottle of Ramune was a good plan. Nice drink, and a splendid bottle.

You can tell there’s a ‘but’ coming up, can’t you? Well, i also ordered 500g of cola flavoured sherbert. Only now that it’s arrived and is sitting on my desk, have i begun to wonder WTF i’m going to do with half a kilo of fizzy cola flavoured sugar. Eat it with a spoon?

Answers on a postcard or stuck down elephant to the unusual address.

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