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I doubt anyone much is interested in this who just happens on it. If Google didn’t send you here, you’ll probably be bored to death if you continue much further – be warned. If you’re trying to work out why Sony’s CoMa (Connect Manager) doesn’t give you a GPRS connection on Orange, here in the UK, though, do read on.

I’ve just spent most of a day trying to get my shiny new Sony Clie to connect to Orange GPRS, and it’s been very tricky. I’ve ended up using bits of info from various sites together, so i thought i’d document what i ended up with here in the hope that it helps someone…


Connect to: Local Network
Via: Bluetooth
Device: [Select phone from BT discovery]
Speed: 115,200 bps
Flow Ctl: Automatic


Service: Orange UK GPRS
User Name: Orange
Password: Orange
Connection: [pick connection created above]
Connection type: PPP
Idle Timeout: 3 Minutes
Query DNS: [ ]
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:
IP Address: [/] Automatic
Send: AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","orangeinternet"
Send CR:
Send: ATD*99#
Send CR:

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