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I seem to be quite good at doing odd bits of PHP for PigPog – I added a nice web based interface to the main Apache configuration the other day. The photos are all kept in once size, and resized on the fly by a PHP script when they’re requested. These articles are all now in a single content management system (a fairly simple one, nothing flashy), that turns them into either the ‘category’ format, or the ‘blog’ format, depending on how it’s called.

The problem is that all of these things are done as ways to get the content – articles, photos, doodles, MP3s, or whatever else – onto the site with a minimum of time and effort. And that’s the bit I’m not so good at. Actually creating and adding content. I’m just not getting around to writing articles and taking photos.

With the photos, we really need to start getting out more and getting ourselves into the situations to get the pictures in the first place, and I need to grab the camera more often when something strikes me as interesting.

With the articles, though, I’ve got several ideas, and planned articles knocking around already, waiting to be written. It’s the actual sitting writing them part I never seem to get around to. Today, a thought struck me – maybe I’m putt off by the idea that the article has to be fully written, checked, and polished before it goes on the site, and that feels like a long way off.

Part of the new content system was making the articles and our blogs one and the same, which was supposed to mean we’d write more articles, because we’d feel less pressure for them to be real articles, and they could be a bit more chatty / friendly / ‘bloggy’ in style. I’m going to have a go at treating this a bit more that way, so the next few articles might be a bit low quality (even more so than my usual standard), and might not even be finished.

One feature I did build in to the content management thing was the ability to edit old articles, change the date on them, and make them pop back to the top of the lists when modified, without breaking the URL, so I’ll try making a bit more use of the feature.

So you’ve been warned – expect a load of half finished dross.

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