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I’d had a couple of questions in mind for a while that I’d wanted to ask a biker. Fortunately, I know someone suitable at work, so a week or two ago, I finally popped the questions…

Do you ever stop finding the word ‘helmet’ funny?

I always giggle at the word ‘helmet’. I wondered if wearing one regularly made that joy wear off. The answer turned out to be – “No. It’s still funny.” I was heartened.

It was a source of much mirth to me to find out that one of the bigger manufacturers of helmets is called Bell. Bell Helmets. I laughed for a good week or two when I heard.

Anyway. Question the second was…

Just how much does it really ming when you sneeze whilst wearing a full head helmet?

This one turned out, disappointingly, to be less than I had imagined. The bit across your mouth isn’t actually touching. It is fairly close, though, so it’s still quite unpleasant. Apparantly, it’s much worse when you open the visor and swallow a fly. Swallowing a fly at 80mph really hurts.

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