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After a very busy day, PigPog is now almost entirely XHTML 1.0 and CSS 2.0. It’s taken quite a bit of doing, and there’s probably still quite a few pages that actually won’t validate, but it’s mostly there. The upshot of it is this new design – the light chalked background on the left is thanks to Corel Painter and our little Wacom tablet, as is the new logo. Actually, I’m not entirely sure I like the logo, but there’s a lot of stuff now on PigPog that ‘will do for now’. Lots of improvements to make as soon as possible. Should keep me busy.

The biggest problem was actually trying to make the Blogger template work. Not that there’s anything inherently difficult about it, but it required a bit of design that I’d carefully avoided – the floating box on the right hand side. I’d tried to find a way of doing it neatly a couple of weeks ago, and couldn’t. Once I’d got halfway through redesigning the site, though, and realised that the blog pages had to have floating stuff on the right, I had to work out a way of doing it, thanks entirely to glish.

Anyway, I think most of it works pretty much ok for now. If you find anything broken, just add a comment…

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