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I did a bit of simplifying recently. I seemed to be spending a lot of my time managing my system (todo lists and such like), reading emails, and generally keeping on top of all the things that were supposed to be tools. The things that were supposed to facilitate the things I did were becoming the things I did.

I had already eliminated most of the extra bits of software that I used on my Palm, so that was already as simple as it could get. I unsubscribed from a couple of fairly high traffic mailing lists, so I was left with only the real mail and the spam. I switched the Palm to sync with Palm Desktop instead of Outlook, then switched to Mozilla for web browsing and email.

I uninstalled several games, and various software I no longer used. All that left me with a simpler, faster system for todo items and reminders, a simpler, faster Palm that synched in a fraction of the time, and a simpler, faster PC, less stuffed with stuff.

With all the distractions cleared away, I felt clear and well prepared to get on with those real things I did. That’s when I hit the first problem. I couldn’t actually think of any things to do. I cleared my mind, and found that it was left empty.


Fortunately, the next day, the ideas started to flood back, and the day after that, the motivation kicked in, and PigPog got a full redesign in XHTML and CSS. So don’t worry too much if you empty your mind – it won’t stay that way for long.

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