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I was confident I would get away with murder, because there was nothing in recent history to connect me to him. Homicide investigators look for motive, and mine was buried 25 years in the past. The man I was going to kill was the one who raped me in 1978, when I was seven years old.

The story of a man confronting the time he was raped as a child. Not easy to read, but very worthwhile – disturbing and open.

He put the blade to my throat and backed me into a corner, where I dropped into a crouch and cowered. Then he told me to take off my pants. The term “child molestation” doesn’t begin to describe what happened next.

After publishing this article, David has been arrested on suspicion of stalking, for the planned attack he describes – although he never carried it out. This article from the Denver Post has the story. The unnamed man accused of the rape has a lawyer, according to the Denver Post…

When asked if her client raped Holthouse, she said the story in Westword is “fairly accurate,” except for the age of her client. At the time of the incident, she said, her client was 14, not 17 as the article implies.

David’s opinion now?

“I thought the story was more important than any legal risk to myself,” Holthouse said of his decision to write the article.
Does he still feel that way?

Thanks for that, David. It may just help a lot of other people.

(Thanks to Cruel)

Update: The writer of the original article has now written the story of what happened afterwards. (Thanks to Metafilter.)

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