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RIAA wants your fingerprints | The Register: “In practical terms, VeriTouch’s breakthrough in anti-piracy technology means that no delivered content to a customer may be copied, shared or otherwise distributed because each file is uniquely locked by the customer’s live fingerprint scan”

This seems somewhat related the the ‘Pay More, Get Less’ rant I went on the other day. Quite apart from any technical objections to this idea (fingerprint readers being unreliable and foolable, any device that outputs sound being defeatable, etc), the basic suggestion seems to be that we’d all be happy to pay for lots of new devices with this extra feature – which will add to the cost – for the privilige of being able to buy music with more limitations than ever before. I’d have to replace my Palm T3, my CD player, the car stereo, and Sam would have to replace her Palm. We’d also need to buy fingerprint readers for each of our PCs. All so we could play music that we used to be able to just buy and play.

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