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The Shifted Librarian: “If I’m busy and I only have so much time to read what’s in my aggregator on a given night, the feeds with the 20 words of content definitely get the shortest shrift (pun intended).”

I’d been pondering this since Scoble posted his original ‘threat’. I doubt he reads this anyway, but it made me think about the feeds. I like the idea that people have to come to PigPog to get the full article – that way there’s a chance they can be persuaded to browse around a bit more, and maybe even click an Amazon link and send me a little money. But that’s not really what RSS is about, is it? RSS puts the control back in the hands of the readers, where it belongs, and if they choose to read the full articles only in their RSS Reader, that’s their choice. And mine, for that matter. I realised that I prefer reading articles that publish full feeds, so other people probably do too. So I’m publishing full articles again.

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