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PigPog’s changed a bit again. I’d had this nice idea of making it all look like it was pencil drawn, but it wasn’t quite working. I thought it just needed a bit of tidying up, but when we talked about it, I found that Sam really didn’t get where I was trying to head with it at all. When that happens, she’s usually right, and it won’t work for a lot of other people too. A couple of bits of coloured backgrounds later, and swapping the graphic in the corner for a nice simple word, and it all looks quite nice again.

The added bonus is that with the background and logo graphics dropped, the pages should load a bit faster, too.

Speaking of which, there’s been some big changes behind the scenes in the photography section. Firstly, I made some changes to the text file that indexes all the pictures, so it knows what to use where. It had some extra fields in it that weren’t used any more, so it needed a bit of tidying up. At the same time, I removed the search form. It’s not really needed – there’s not *that* many piccies, and they’re all in neat little categories.

After that, I finally did something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. The images are all stored just once, at the biggest size. When a smaller image is needed, PigPog generates it on the fly, and adds the ‘PigPog.com’ in the top right corner. Unfortunately, I’d realised this was making the site much slower than it should have been, as it was taking a lot of time processing the images before it even started transferring them to the browser. Now, though, it stores the pictures after it’s generated them, and when it gets asked for the same one again in the same size, it just uses it from disk. It seems to make things a lot faster – several times faster on a fast connection. And it wasn’t as difficult to do as I was expecting, either.

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