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Everyone’s doing it.

Robert Scoble said he’d set up searches for anyone’s blogs mentioning ‘I Hate Scoble’, and he seems to be linking to anyone who does so. I thought about posting it, but decided it was just too tacky to whore for links like that.

Then I realised that was utter crap, and I’m desperate for links 😉

Actually, I find Robert quite interesting a lot of the time. He loves Microsoft, and out here in the web, that’s very different from a lot of people’s opinions. I read Slashdot, too, where I’m told regularly that Windows is incapable of running for a day at a time without crashing. Problem is that I’m reading that on a Windows box that usually goes for a month or two without reboots, and I don’t remember actually crashing or blue screening once since installing it. Robert’s opinion isn’t entirely unbiased, but at least he’s willing to speak against Microsoft when he thinks it’s needed – he’s running Firefox instead of IE, for example – and that gives him a certain amount of credibility.

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