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I’ve just added a couple of new photos to PigPog. There’s also a new category – Wallpaper – for images most suitable to use as wallpaper. Most pics on PigPog are the right shape for wallpaper, but these are the ones that strike me as best for it. Patterns, walls, grass, and strange out of focus snaps of light shades. Sorry.

All the recent changes to the site have been putting the content more at the front, which seems like the right thing to do – that’s what it’s all about, really. The only problem is that now we have to make some content, which means being creative and inventive. Or I could just spout crap, like this 😉

I noticed a few weeks ago that when Bloglines visits the site, it was telling me that there were three subscribers to my blog. One was me (how sad is that?), and one was Sam, but this meant there was another. The list of subscribers only included Sam and myself, though, so I could just assume that someone had accidentally clicked the wrong blog, and probably intended to subscribe to something interesting. Yesterday, though, I discovered that it was now collecting the feed for four subscribers. Wow. That really suggested that someone was reading this stuff. This time, the subscribers list did tell me who it was – it was bignoseduglyguy. Hello, Mr Ugly. The logs also showed worrying signs of a desktop RSS reader picking up the feed regularly, which suggests there may actually be more than just the one or two ‘real’ readers. Er, hello, everyone.

I’d wondered if finding out that anyone was reading what I was writing would change what or how I wrote – perhaps lead me to try to improve my output somewhat. Doesn’t look like it, though, does it? I’m sorry, I’ll try harder in future, honest…

Update 2005-10-31: Links removed, as the sections mentioned don’t exist any more.

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