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Boing Boing: Orrin Hatch criminalizes the iPod: “Here’s EFF’s hypothetical complaint against Apple (for making the iPod) C|Net (for reviewing the iPod), and Toshiba (for supplying hard drives for iPods). All three of these activities fall within the scope of activity that Hatch’s bill seeks to end”

Kind of ‘US Only’, really, but It’s still kind of interesting if you’re not in the US. There’s a senator trying to push through a bill at the moment that would make it illegal to ‘induce’ any breach of copyright. All sorts of rights are being stripped from people to fight any abuse (or in many cases, even use) of copyrighted material, to a far greater extent than for murder, rape, or child abuse. Could it be that large copyright holders have more money to wave than abused children do?