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I’ve added a new feature to PigPog – breadcrumb trails at the top of each page so you can see where you are, and hop back up a level.

Following on from my recent post about applying things to PigPog that I’ve learned from reading Jakob Nielsen’s Alertboxes, another thing he’d written about that sounded like a good idea, was breadcrumb trails. You’ll have seen them before, and if not, there should be one at the top of this page (assuming you’re reading this on the site rather than through an RSS reader). They’re the bits at the top of the page on a lot of sites that tell you where in the site you are, with links to each section above your current location – e.g. [Products > Widgets > Yellow Widget].

They should now work for most of PigPog, but if the code doesn’t know where you are, it just won’t display them, so at least if should fail nicely.