being jennifer garrett: Sweet dreams are made of this

being jennifer garrett: Sweet dreams are made of this: “What’s truly strange, however, is the number of nightmares I’ve been having. And not ordinary bad dreams either — no falling from buildings, no forgetting to take an exam, rampaging giant elephants, etc. Oh, no. These are creative nightmares. In a delightful combination of paranoia and fear, the other night I dreamt about a post-apocalyptic future.”

Sounds like Jen’s making the next few years of Hollywood’s horror output whilst sleeping.

Boing Boing: UPS shirt appreciated

Boing Boing: UPS shirt appreciated: “Darren Barefoot recently thrifted a UPS shirt and he’s posted an annotated photo of him wearing it in which he marks up all the grace-notes in its design”

This is the sort of thing that makes the Internet so great. Man likes shirt, so blogs about it. Cory likes blog so he blogs about it, and I like Cory’s blog so I blog about it. Beautiful.