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I wondered for a moment what it would look like if just for one day, everyone who had survived sexual violence were visible as a survivor.

Although this is a link I’m not putting it in the Filter, because it applies to me too. I too am a survivor. I found the link too late to join the raising of hands on the journal itself, but inspired by that, I thought it was time to mention it here. I’ve written stuff on being a survivor for an email newsletter in the past, but it was small enough and far enough away to not be an issue. Here, on a page that *could* be viewed by relatives who are likely to react by asking why I’m still banging on about *that*, well it’s a big step. But it’s something I’m not ashamed of anymore, I’m a survivor of sexual abuse, getting on with life and generally doing a damn good job of it too.

EDIT – Link found on Metafilter.