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Penguin and the great katie.com hijack | The Register: “There have been numerous TV programmes, articles and even laws created that cover and hope to battle the perceived menace of Internet chatrooms. However, Katie.com is unique in that its author – US teenager Katherine Tarbox – was actually a victim of an online predator. She was 13, so was Mark. Except Mark was really a 40-year-old called Frank, and a paedophile.”

The current problem, though, is that Penguin, who published the book, have made life very unpleasant for Katie Jones, who actually owns the domain katie.com. She says it’s as if they had published a book about sexual abuse with her home phone number as the title, and since Penguin knew about the domain when they titled the book, it looks very much as if they just figured that since it belonged to a person rather than a big company, they’d just go ahead anyway and steamroller them out of the picture later.

Update: Penguin have finally caved in.

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