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I mentioned in an earlier post that there’s a fair bit of activity on the learning and development front. Well, the other day it became even more active, as my training schedule now looks like this:

Work run course to become a Designated Fire Officer – complete with clipboard and fluorescent tabard!

4 day First Aid at Work course at Red Cross Centre – so this time next year I’ll be able to provide aid for things like heat exhaustion. That’ll be useful.

Evening class on Sign Language

NVQ Level 2 Customer Services

And, of course, at home I’m learning to play guitar. I now know 3 chords – A, E and D and am attempting the first song in The Complete Guitar Player, Mull of Kintyre. Currently sounds like it’s being played on a broken tape player that takes half a minute to spool on – "Mull of… kintyre… old mist… moving in… from the… from the… old mist moving in… from the… sea…". Still, it’s a heck of a step from where I was two weeks ago, strumming away at any random location and saying to Michael "Does this sound like Master of Puppets to you?"