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My dad pointed out last night that there’s never anything new on PigPog, apart from links to other people’s stuff, and we’d not put any new photos up for ages. He had a point. The last photo uploaded was in June.


Part of the problem is that the photography section, whilst very nicely coded, with lots of PHP work on my part, was a bit tricky to update. It involved editing a text file, and uploading the photo by FTP. Nothing too difficult, but enough to be offputting. So, we’ve replaced it with another Blogger blog. We’ll let Blogger do the hard work from now on. We just pick the photo with the free Picasa program from Google, then use Hello (free from Google) to post it to our Blogger (free from Google) blog. Which then shows ads from Google, and a Google search box on the bottom of the page. It’s all one big corporate tie-in. Google: The New Microsoft.

It should make posting a bit easier, though, and reduces the emphasis on quality a bit, so you’ll see more crap photos. Sorry about that. You were probably getting bored with the same sparrow on a fence that’s been there for the last three months, though.

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The RSS Feed for the photography has changed to http://pigpog.com/photos/atom.xml – similar to the other sections. If you subscribe to our single feed (http://pigpog.com/rss.php), you should still get the photography along with everything else. As ever, let me know about any problems.

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