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gapingvoid: book proposal: “A lot of people daydream about living the creative life, about being a writer, artist, whatever, even if they don’t really have anything to say or really want to do the actual work. This book is not for them. This book is for people who already have a few ideas of their own, who may already be well on their way, but maybe could use a wee push. It’s not an instruction manual. It just shows where some of the land mines are buried, and gives advice on how to avoid stepping on them.”

So, Hugh is turning all these excellent little rants of his into a full book. This should be very good. If you’ve kept up to date with his site, it sounds like most of the book will be stuff you’ve seen already in some form or other, but I think it will be well worth having in it’s final ‘real’ form. Only question is, Hugh, is the book Sex, or is it Cash?