Home :: Blogger vs Movable Type: The Verdict

Summary: To cut a long story short, we’re sticking with Blogger for now. The move to Movable Type just didn’t look like it would be worth the effort.

I’ll keep this brief, because it’s not all that interesting, but I did promise I’d report back when we’d done playing.

We hit a few snags with Movable Type that just aren’t worth the effort of working around. A key part of the move was going to be based on ‘MultiBlog’ – a third party plug-in for MT, that I never got working as I wanted. Dynamic publishing didn’t seem to work properly, though I never spent much time working on that. Without those, though (or at least with those needing more effort than I’d hoped), the advantages of moving over were fading fast.

Staying with Blogger needs no effort, and is working pretty nicely for us at the moment, so in the end, it wins.

The only feature we’re really missing that seems important is Trackback, and that can be implemented other ways. Given time, Blogger will probably get around to doing it themselves.

So, we’re going to relax and take the easy way out – maybe that means we can actually work on the content for a change 😉