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Beatallica is not, I repeat, not Metallica in disguise.

My ultimate Metalli-fantasy has come true*! The two greatest bands in the world, together at last. And you can download their MP3s, for nowt, without worrying that Lars Ulrich is going to come round and kick you in the kneecaps.

*No, not the one about Kirk Hammett and the chocolate syrup, the other one…

UPDATE – Gotta admit, I was a bit doubtful about the MP3s. I was expecting songs like ‘Sgt. Hetfield’s Motorbreath Pub Band’ and ‘Gotta Get You Trapped Under Ice’ to be funny, but not all that good. I was wrong. The songs are excellent. Yes, there is a hint of the Weird Als about them, but that’s bound to happen, we are talking parodies after all, but the Beatle melodies are there, the Metallica style is there and whoever’s on vocal duties is doing one heck of a Hetfield impersonation. Fantastic stuff.

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