Home :: Update on the iPaq

Dabs, unfortunately, discovered that they weren’t going to be able to get the iPaq 4700 for around a month. To their credit, they were honest enough to say so, and to suggest cancelling and going elsewhere, rather than pushing or lying to keep the order – counts in their favour for future orders. (Actually, already ordered from them again, since they’re offering a 1Gb SD card for £55.)

I’ve now placed an order with Clove, who are confident they can get one to me next week. We shall see. I actually ordered by phone, which is something I’ve not done since this Internet thing started catching on.

In the meantime, Brian is just about to move in the other direction – he’s giving up iPaqs to go to a T3. Nice reading for contrast 😉

2004-10-06 19:49 :: Update: Didn’t have any luck getting one anywhere until today, when Sam very kindly phoned Comet and managed to get me one for delivery on Friday. She’s good to me, and I love her.