Home :: PigPog: New Colours, and the Demise of Pocket PigPog

Pocket PigPog has gone. It has been quite broken for some time now, and it’s hardly a popular feature anyway, so it didn’t seem to be worth the time and effort to try to fix it. I’ve left Pocket B3ta alone, as there are a few people using that, and it still works ok.

We’ve also gone for a new colour scheme for PigPog. The background has been slightly off-white for a while, but barely noticeably so, so we’ve made it gray enough that you can tell. We’ve also made the Google ads match the colour of the subject bar at the top of the page, and darkened the background of the boxes on the left and right sides. I’d kept them light before, as the main navigation text was on them, but now that’s moved, readability is slightly less of an issue, and it’s not harmed too much by the darker shade.

We’ve also done an unusual trick of making the paragraph you’re pointing at highlight in white. We rather like it, but maybe it’s just the novelty. Let’s see if the appeal wears off given time. I’ve just done a quick double-check in Internet Explorer, and it doesn’t look like it supports this anyway. So, for those of you watching in crap-o-rama, you won’t know what I’m talking about. Try Firefox. You’ll like it.