Home :: PigPog: New Navigation Bars

I’ve added two new navigation bars to the top of the site – one replacing the old section on the left, and one adding a new way of getting around.

The real problem we had was that there was no way of browsing by subject in PigPog. People could arrive at PigPog, looking for info about GTD. I’ve written articles about GTD. But there’s no way to find them without resorting to using a search engine.

The lower bar, in magenta, is a list of subjects we’ve talked about on PigPog. Click a subject to get a list of articles about that subject. It relies on us manually adding the pages to the lists, so it’s not perfect, but we can make sure we add the more important articles that people might be looking for.

The other bar, in cyan, is just a replacement for the navigation section on the left. Moving it to the top allows for the text to be bigger without taking up too much space, and removing the navigation from the left lets the Google ads move up a bit, so they’re a bit more visible.

The subject bar isn’t all that useful yet – give us time to fill it out a bit – but it should become more helpful as time goes by.