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Since Emma and I decided that our mission over the next few weeks/months/years was to learn how to play Enter Sandman, I decided to buy the ‘Easy Guitar With Riffs’ book of the Black Album. Of course, when you’re talking about ‘guitar’ in the hands of James Hetfield and Kirk (steady, hormones!) Hammett, ‘easy’ means ‘easy for them, finger-mangling murder for you’.

For someone who couldn’t play a note three months ago, I think I’m doing OK. But I’m getting impatient. I want to be able to nail that opening riff flawlessly and sail effortlessly into the rest of the intro just enough to be able to annoy the staff at the music store we’re visiting next week. Ultimately, I’d like to be able play the song and sing along aswell, which at the moment seems absolutely effing impossible! My brain’s having to send different instructions to my left hand, my right hand, count beats, tell my mouth to start singing and tell it what to sing! My computer can’t cope with that many instructions in one go, what chance do I stand?

I’d like to say here by the way thank you to Michael for his seemingly limitless patience. He must have heard the same bit at least 100 times today and not once has he threatened to take the Strat and beat me over the head with it. Thank you, :mwah:.