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Today Emma and I met up once again for a ‘rock band play date’. We met up at a nearby music store to spend a little while fondling other guitars. Both of us are still wide-eyed newbies and fancied a bit of a field trip where we could look at guitars that weren’t Stratocaster knock-offs.

I had that Wayne’s World moment as soon as we got in there – one instrument stood out as the one that will be mine, oh yes… it *will* be mine. It was, of course, a black ESP. Take a look at ESP’s web site and take a look at who their poster boy is. Even if their guitars were made with cardboard and knitting needles, I’d still want one. The M-50 was the model I went on to fondle for a good 20 minutes, as the obliging assistant, keen to hear me make a complete arse of myself, plugged the M-50 into a huge amp and left me to get acquainted. Fortunately, this beautiful instrument in ESP’s budget model, and has a price tag realistic enough to be a possibility once our bank accounts have been fed at the end of the month.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the store, Michael and Emma were drooling over slightly pricier equipment. Michael was getting in touch with his hardcore thrash roots by drooling over a guitar that resembled the one on the cover of the album that launched a thousand CD players, Brothers In Arms – an acoustic steel Ozark Somethingorother. And Emma had her sights set on a purple ESP Viper, a nice looking guitar, but nearly £900. We put the guitars back, I promised the M-50 I’d be back for it soon, bought a strap and a tuner to pay for our visit to the guitar playpen, and left.

Back at Emma’s we got down to business. Business had become a lot easier since I downloaded GuitarPro (thank you, ahem, ‘Mykl’!) – Emma now has a copy of the demo so we can work on our own parts easier, rather than us both hammering away at the same bit of tab. We’re still trying to learn Enter Sandman, because it’s a damn sight cooler than spending all these weeks trying to master Mull of Kintyre or Froggy Went A Courtin’. Also on the learning list now is ‘Sgt Hetfield’s Motorbreath Pub Band’ by The Greatest Band Ever(TM), Beatallica (if you’re reading this and haven’t heard Sgt. Hetfield’s yet, shame on you, get thee over to Beatallica’s web site and get the blighter downloaded now). I’m chuffed with how far I’ve come learning these two songs, and GuitarPro’s been a great help. Being able to play along and follow the tab makes it a lot easier than guessing what it should sound like.

Over the next couple of weeks both Emma and I will be practicing at home. Once again I’d like to thank Michael for his never-ending patience with this, and to warn him of the next step in the process…



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