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(Hey, a blog article about blogging – does that make me a Real Blogger now? Or do I have to take up the top half a screen with a huge logo and cram all the content into a two-inch wide column in the middle of the page first? 😉

It struck me recently that there’s two main ways of blogging…

  • Big posts, well written, but take time to write, and so only published occasionally.
  • All thoughts posted quickly, not assembled into a real ‘article’, and not necessarily very thought out.

I tend towards the first. The problem with that is that a post takes quite a bit of time, so something has to keep my attention for quite a while to get written, and I have to find a fairly good block of time to be able to work on something. I posted a couple of times recently about getting an iPaq. Now I have an iPaq. I like my iPaq, and I want to blog about it, but I’ve not had a big enough chunk of time to write the sort of article I think it should get. I need to get more into doing the second type of posts, so I can actually share something without it taking half a day to write.

Maybe I’ll still want to do bigger, better written articles sometimes – but there’s a couple of ways of bringing the two types of posts together…

  • Gapingvoid style – write articles, but keep editing and revising them each time you have more thoughts about it – kind of ‘growing’ articles, as referred to by Mark Forster.
  • Just keep posting lots of little posts, then make a separate ‘big’ post built out of those thoughts.

The first means almost the same article getting reposted time and again, and people with feeds don’t want to re-read it every time you change a few words. The second means the big article will mainly be stuff people have seen before if they read the feeds, but ‘tidied up’ a bit. Probably best with a bit of a mix of the two. When there’s a clear ‘article’, post small, and keep editing and growing with time. When it’s just little thoughts and ideas, post anyway, and if they grow into a real ‘article’, do that too.

So, I’m going to try to post early and often. That means more half-baked crap, more gibberish, more spelling mistakes and typos, but on the plus side (debatable ;), more content.

In fact, to show my commitment to this idea, I’m not even going to bother to complete this arti