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In keeping with my promise to post early and often, this isn’t all that well thought out, or even really finished, but I’m going to post it anyway. I might add more later if more occur to me…

  • Notes – different to Outlook, treats every note as a file. Well, they had to do something to improve on the crapfest of Outlook notes.
  • It’s damn pretty in VGA, though I actually pretty much guessed that.
  • Wireless networks are handled pretty neatly (at least on the iPaq).
  • Steer clear of third party software for a while, if you can. Just like with Palm, half of it has never been tested on your model, and it’ll crash a lot and waste memory.
  • Filesystem. Weird.
    • Cards appear as folders.
    • Apps usually see every folder on all cards, but not in any way that makes sense. If you want to limit the spewed mess of folders, create a ‘My Documents’ folder on each card, move the folders you actually want to show up in apps into there, then delete the file ‘ignore_my_docs’ in the root of each card.
    • The built in file manager isn’t too bad, but you’ll need RESCO File Explorer if you have cards, especially big cards. It also does zipping and unzipping, encryption, and FTP. Ignore what I said about steering clear of third party software. This one is pretty good.
  • iSilo works just as well as it did on the Palm. It even ignores the usual PPC crappy filesystem view, and lets you see all the subfolders as you’d expect.

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