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"I was in a pissy mood. And determined to stay in a pissy mood, if for no reason other than to demonstrate how good and utterly convincing I can be at pissy moods." said Tom Peters in a recent blog entry of his. I can relate to what he means, as I have taken such a shine to life on Pissy Mood Island that I ought to buy property there.

Anything at the moment seems to put me in a pissy mood. Like people who’d rather ask me about their meeting than read the plethora of signs displayed on the path to their conference room. The taxi driver arriving to take my mate Darren home when I wanted 10 minutes to natter with him. Michael commenting that my snoring was so bad he contemplated calling the British Geological Survey to tell them not to worry, it’s not an earthquake, it was just me snoring. Apparently I am, to quote John Lennon, a ‘Window Rattler’.


p>Pissy moods are a lot like bourbon biscuits. I’m not really keen on them, but I can’t stop having them.



So I’ve been on eReader and bought another self help book. But I think it’s going to take more than that to get me off Pissy Mood Island, where the sullen evil twins of Ricardo Montalban and Herve Villechaize try to keep their guests’ pissy moods going for as long as possible by feeding them lines to keep them paranoid, insecure and pissed off.

"De plane! De plane!" – if you have no idea what I’m on about, search TV Cream for Fantasy Island, then go and berate yourself for being so damn young.

I’m thinking of putting together a Pissy Mood Survival Kit, but continuing the new PigPog blog technique of trotting off ideas as they appear, (see Michael’s blog for more info), I’ll leave this post here for the time being, and maybe continue when I decide what should go in the kit.