Home :: Wil Wheaton – doing better than W F Shatner.

For the last few nights we’ve been listening to Wil Wheaton‘s talk at this year’s Gnomedex. It was my first experience of Wil other than reading his blog. Having never seen Stand By Me and not being much of a Star Trek ‘TNG’ fan, I only really know him as, well, Just A Geek.

The last of his stories was about the time he met William Shatner, a classic example of how meeting your heroes can be a major disappointment. It got me thinking about Shatner’s career. The only time he’s ever seen in anything recently (say, since the last Star Trek movie), he’s been there as a kind of ironic object of fun. The last few times I’ve seen him on TV he’s been presenting a VH1 Top 100 One Hit Wonders countdown, playing a pompous, washed-up old actor in some sitcom or other and, my favourite, playing William Shatner the Celebrity staying with Joe Public and Family in an All-Bran advert. And then there’s the album that I have been fortunate enough to avoid hearing any of and I intend to keep it that way.

As for Wil, he’s got a great blog, the books sound fantastic (from the readings at the Gnomedex talk), and I could listen to him for hours (in fact, we did). Seems like the kid is doing a damn sight better than the old guy with the toupee who wouldn’t allow him on his bridge.